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The models are based on extensive experimental data of microbial behavior in liquid microbiological media and food.

There can be no guarantee that predicted values will match those that would occur in any specific food system. Before the models could be used in such a manner, the user would have to validate the models for each specific food of interest.

Important notice:


The C. perfringens Predictive Model was developed using cooked uncured ground beef, pork or chicken as a substrate.  Use of this model is recommended to evaluate potential germination and growth of Clostridium perfringens spores during cooling of meat or poultry products.  This model is available on the web at the following URL:  


For any queries regarding these models, please contact the Predictive Microbiology Research Group:


Dr. Vijay Juneja, phone: 215-233-6500, e-mail:   

Dr. Andy Hwang, phone: 215-233-6416, e-mail:  

Dr. Lihan Huang, phone: 215-233-6620, e-mail:  

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